Our Team

StrategyOne is led by a group of market research and competitive intelligence experts positioned around the globe. Meet our leadership team below and learn more about how their expertise can be put to work for you.

  • Neal Flieger, Chairman
  • Laurence Evans, President (Global, London)
  • Natasha Fogel, EVP, Media Analytics & Measurement, (Chicago)
  • Robert Moran, EVP, Corporate and Public Affairs, Director of Product Marketing (Washington)
  • Bradley Honan, SVP (New York)
  • Catherine Reynolds, SVP (New York)
  • Antoine Harary, Director (Paris)
  • Andy Gregory, Vice President (West Coast)
  • Chuck Brinker, Research Director (Chicago)
  • Stephanie Levy, Research and Planning Manager (Abu Dhabi)
  • Michelle Woodruff, Senior Project Manager, Intellectual Property, Trust Barometer (New York)

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