Think You Know Gen Y?

You’re a sharp professional. You have a good grasp on your audience. But sometimes you need research in order to gain insight into their preferences and behavior. This is especially important when your audience is as substantial and influential as Generation Y.

Recognizing the need to better understand Gen Y, StrategyOne has developed a suite of products specifically designed to gauge the opinions and perceptions of this influential consumer audience.

GenY Workforce - At seventy-six million strong (and growing), Gen Y is challenging the workplace more powerfully than any generation has in the past. GenY Workforce is an online survey among U.S. adults (n=500), age 18-32, with jobs.

GenY Moms - The U.S. Moms market has changed a lot over the years. It’s far more complex today than it was just a decade ago, with new segments, characteristics and attributes you may not even be aware of. GenY Moms is a national online survey among moms (n=500), age 18-32, with children 0-17 in the home.

GenY Scholars - Gen Y is on track to become the most educated generation in U.S. history. According to the Pew Research Center, 1 in 5 Millennials are college graduates, and an additional 26% are currently in school and plan to graduate from college. GenY Scholars is an online survey among U.S. adults (n=500),  age 18-32, currently enrolled in a college or university.

GenY Achievers - With a new outlook on collaboration and workplace priorities, Millennials are shaking up the professional world. GenY Achievers is a national online survey among college educated, white collar professionals (n=500), age 18-32.

Put GenY to work for you.
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